Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Probability of God Test

This test asks you to answer 11 questions about God, the universe and people, and from these answers estimates the the strength with which you believe that God exists, using an established probability calculation known as Bayesian probability. This test can't tell you the objective truth, but it can help you understand the implications of your personal opinions.
Take the test here. The shorter version is here.



unkleE said...


Thanks so much for noticing my test and linking to it. I'd be interested to get, either here or on my website, and feedback you and your readers may have.

Did the result make sense to you? Was the test easy to understand and to complete? Did it raise any interesting questions in your mind? If you did both tests, which one was best?


Lee said...

Not good questions - many assume an answer before asking and force a particular response when the answer is probably 'other'

Lee said...

Actually... it is worse than that.

For example

"If there is no God, how likely is it that we would not see him?"


If there is no God (this being a statement of fact in the given question), it is 100% certain we will not see him - however, this is not to say that God does not exist.

So the question makes no sense to me...

Brian said...

The questions on the shorter test seemed fair to me. Some of the questions on the longer test on the non-god side were a little fuzzy - but other than that it was fine.

I like the point that you made that the results are simply based upon the beliefs of the person taking the test.

Jeremiah A V Dumai said...

I took the shorter one. It was good.

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