Wednesday, May 23, 2012

William Lane Craig vs. Mike Begon: Is God a Delusion?

During the 2007 Reasonable Faith Tour, Professor William Lane Craig debated Professor Mike Begon at Liverpool University on the topic "Is God a Delusion?" The video can be found online at here. A 90-minute debate followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here.
YouTube video here.


Hear all of William Lane Craig's audio debates in the debate feed here.


Derek_M said...

That was difficult to listen to...I get the feeling that Dr. Begon is one of the myriad of loudmouth "intellectuals" who are painfully ignorant of philosophy yet think they are experts.

Vertias Fighter said...

“I haven't taken a beating like this since I put a banana in my pants and turned the monkey loose!” --Cousin Eddie

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and still have to listen to it; however I am just wanting to say thanks for posting it and on a more general note Brian for committing your efforts to this website. :)


Anons said...

In the debate, Begon whipped up his own definition of the term 'delusion' without any evidence. He defined it as a belief held in the absence of evidence. What is striking is that since his own definition of 'delusion' is not based on any evidence, it follows that his belief in his own definition is a delusion.

Also, he surprisingly averred that a belief is false if it is held in the absence of evidence (Source: Since he has no evidence that his definition of a delusion is correct, according to his own logic, his belief in his definition is false. Since his belief in his definition is false, it follows that it is false to say that God is a delusion in the way he defined the term. Thus, Begon contradicts himself.

Craig should've raised the foregoing points in the debate.

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