Monday, February 25, 2013

Apologist Interview: Blake Anderson of Ratio Christi

Today's interview is with Blake Anderson of Ratio Christi. Ratio Christi (a Student Apologetics Alliance) seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students at secular and liberal institutions across the country, while also sharing Christ's message and love to those that have yet to receive it, through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics. Blake is the head of Chapter Growth & Support for the many Ratio Christi campus chapters. He talks about the need for apologetics on campus and in the university setting, the vision and work of Ratio Christi, how apologists can get involved part-time and full-time, and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (35 min)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interview, Brian, and especially for the plug from both you and Blake. I can tell you from working with Blake that he has a true passion for sharing Christ and making disciples. I'm thrilled and consider it a great privilege to be partnered with Ratio Christi.

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