Thursday, May 02, 2013

Richard Dawkins Interviewed by Justin Brierley MP3 Audio

Atheist Richard Dawkins spoke to Premier’s Justin Brierley immediately after a debate he had with Christian Professor John Lennox on whether Science has disproved God.

The Oxford professor is most famous for his book The God Delusion. Surprisingly, Dawkins admits to Premier that there must have been some cause for the start of the universe.

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MP3 Audio here.

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Unknown said...

Keep up the good work.
Iam weary of being lectured to by adults who believe in what seem rather ridiculous fantasy creatures.
The world would be better off without it.

Chad said...

Wow; this was very eye-opening...

Thank you Brian

Anonymous said...

More excellent Dawkins - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dawkins cold calculating and disrespectful..Justin professional restrained and respectful... proof positive of the difference between an atheist and a loves God the other hates Him

Anonymous said...

Michael that's exactly what Stalin and Hitler said about did that work out?

Skylar said...

I didn't hear Dawkins explicitly admit that there needs to be a first cause of the universe. All he said was that scientists don't understand what happened at the beginning of the universe. So, if you want to say that God caused the universe to come into existence (he says), you are just playing with words. Perhaps he did so implicitly, however, by admitting there was a singularity that brought the universe into being? Even then, he could get out of the need for a first cause by appealing to the multiverse, as Justin points out. So where does he admit there needs to be a first cause of the universe, either explicitly or implicitly?

Tyler V. said...

How old was this?

JoshuaJames78 said...

Where can I find this in iTunes form? which podcast? what date?

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