Monday, November 25, 2013

Free: Essential Apologetics PowerPoint Series

In partnership with The PowerPoint Apologist, Apologetics 315 is offering a series of 12 Free PowerPoint presentations, released monthly. These cover 12 essential topics in apologetics. These are free to download, modify, and use for your own apologetics presentations. (However, please retain the final two slides featuring the PowerPoint Apologist and Apologetics 315 resources.)

The eleventh in the series explores the Problem of Pluralism:
"Why Christianity?—In A Pluralistic World"
Download it here. Slideshare here.


John B. Moore said...

I downloaded the PowerPoint and went through it carefully. It's pretty disappointing, I must say, because it only talks about a caricature of pluralism. I was hoping it would confront the real pluralism that really threatens the church these days.

It says: "Philosophical pluralism says that every worldview, religion, and viewpoint is equal and true."

This is just plain false. When you say this kind of thing, it's clear you're not arguing sincerely.

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