Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Essential Apologetics PowerPoint Series Free

In partnership with The PowerPoint Apologist, Apologetics 315 presents a series of 12 Free PowerPoint presentations, covering 12 essential topics in apologetics.

These are free to download, modify, and use for your own apologetics presentations. (However, please retain the final two slides featuring the PowerPoint Apologist and Apologetics 315 resources.)

Here are all of the PowerPoint files in one place:
  1. "Why Apologetics?" - PPT | Slideshare
  2. "Why Believe Anything?" - PPT | Slideshare
  3. "Why God?—part 1: A First Cause" - PPT | Slideshare
  4. "Why God?—part 2: An Intelligent Cause" - PPT | Slideshare
  5. "Why God?—part 3: A Moral Cause" - PPT | Slideshare
  6. "Why Scripture?—A Defense of the New Testament" - PPT | Slideshare
  7. "Why Jesus?—The Historical Jesus" - PPT | Slideshare
  8. "Why Jesus?—The Resurrection of Jesus" - PPT | Slideshare
  9. "Why Jesus?—The God-Man Jesus" - PPT | Slideshare
  10. "Why Christianity?—In An Evil World" - PPT | Slideshare
  11. "Why Christianity?—In A Pluralistic World" - PPT | Slideshare
  12. "Why Christianity?—In My World" - PPT | Slideshare
PPT = PowerPoint File
Slideshare = Online Slideshare Presentation



NeonMadman said...

Love the series, though your misuse of Jeremiah 29:11 in the last one triggers my "pet peeve" meter. That text is a national promise to Israel in the Babylonian captivity, not a promise of God's plans for individual Christians.

--Sharon said...

I like what you've done here very much, but I have a correction to offer. When I went through the third presentation ("Why God?—part 1: A First Cause") the 28th slide (the "quote" from George Wald) struck me as improbable. It's cited in dozens, maybe hundreds of places, and always by Christians attempting to demonstrate exactly what you have used the "quote" to demonstrate. It seemed very non-Nobel-laureate-ish, though, so I kept looking.

The first place I found that refuted the "quote" was a site not friendly to believers. They did, however, appear to print Wald in context (the "quote" never appears in the article in which it's supposed to appear) and his intent is not at all what it appears from the false quote attributed to him. (Here is a link to the site I found: ). Essentially Wald seems to be saying (among other things) that if spontaneous generation does not appear now, circumstances must have existed earlier that allowed it to occur.

I was not 100% convinced by this site, so I continued looking and found this: . Dr. Wile, a scientist, is also a Christian, and he also goes into detail about this particular "quote" and its misuse. His blog entry is entitled, "You Cannot Promote Truth With Lies!" Whether or not one CAN do such a thing, I think we can agree that one should not. Truth is on our side and we do not need to misquote anyone to defend what we believe.

Unknown said...

Pax Christi!

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