Friday, February 28, 2014

William Lane Craig vs. Sean Carroll: The Existence of God in Light of Contemporary Cosmology

Enjoy this video by Tactical Faith. Christian philosopher William Lane Craig debates theoretical physicist Sean Carroll on the topic of The Existence of God in Light of Contemporary Cosmology. This event was part of the Greer-Heard Forum. Direct youtube video here. Enjoy.


Truth Seeker said...
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Unknown said...

Craig got destroyed. Just retire.

Unknown said...


I disagree. While Dr. Carroll mentioned that several models exist which don't comport with the universe having a beginning he failed to show that any of them were more plausible than (or even equally plausible as) cosmologies with a beginning. Dr. Carroll's criticisms of God not being a cosmological model were irrelevant, along with his points about how theism doesn't meet our expectations.

Chad said...


Agreed. Carroll seemed to think that if he could come up with another model, he didn't have to discuss a cause or even explain why his model was more plausible.

I also found it odd when he seemed to agree, or at least concede for the sake of argument, that everything in the universe needs a cause, but then claimed the universe itself did not. He failed to provide an argument for that assertion.

I did appreciate his respectful demeanor and that he actually engaged with Craig's arguments. This is not always the case in Craig debates! See Craig's debate with Sam Harris!


machinephilosophy said...

Are there mp3s or transcripts available of the entire set of forum debates and lectures?

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