Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Atheist Manual—MP3: Tim McGrew & Tom Gilson

This audio is from the The Defend the Faith Conference, held January 4-9, 2015 on the campus of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The event was organized by ICA, and streamed and recorded by Tactical Faith, and had scores of lectures in apologetics and evangelism by some great apologists. (Tactical Faith past events lectures can be found here.) Watch this blog post for information on accessing all the talks from the event.

In this lecture, Dr. Timothy McGrew and Tom Gilson discuss the tactics and content of Peter Boghossian's book A Manual for Creating Atheists, offering an analysis and critique.

Full Lecture MP3 Audio here (1hr)



Chad said...

Outstanding post Brian! I'm looking forward to listening to this one!


jeffersonianideal said...

Favorite part at 34:36:
"We're taking about people who don't even have a working baloney detector". The analogy, it's irony, arrogance and hypocracy can't be missed.

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