Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free eBook: Signature of Controversy

Signature of Controversy is a free eBook with contributions by David Berlinski, David Klinghoffer, Casey Luskin, Paul Nelson, Jay Richards, Richard Sternberg and Stephen Meyer. It contains responses critics of Stephen Meyer's book Signature in the Cell.

Download the PDF ebook here. (expires soon)


Check out more Stephen Meyer resources here.


Mike Felker said...

I haven't gotten to read Meyer's book yet, but the more the dust that piles on it the guiltier I feel! However, I have read many of the "reviews." And given that I am quite familiar with Meyer's position (from interviews, lectures, debates, etc.), I just haven't seen many critiques that do his position justice. So, after reading the book I will very much look forward to reading the e-book. Thanks for posting!

bossmanham said...

I am about a quarter of the way through Sig in the Cell. It's great, and this ebook is a great resource also.

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