Thursday, March 09, 2017

William Lane Craig in Ireland 2017

At long last, William Lane Craig will be visiting Ireland as part of the Reasons for Hope 2017 Tour. This tour includes stops in Cork, Dublin, and Belfast with debates and talks by William Lane Craig and John Lennox. All the events are listed here, so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment.
Of note are two debates in Ireland which will be LIVE STREAMED:
March 21: Does God Exist? debate:
William Lane Craig vs Michael Nugent

March 23Does God Exist? debate:
William Lane Craig vs Daniel Came

Talks by William Lane Craig include "Is Christianity Credible?", and talks by John Lennox include "Do God & Science Mix?" Keep an eye on the Facebook page here, so you can get updates on the Live Streaming debates, as well as find details for getting tickets.

See you there!

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