Friday, February 27, 2009

Alvin Plantinga & Daniel Dennett Debate MP3 Audio

Alvin Plantinga and Daniel Dennett debate the topic: Science and Religion: Are they Compatible? at the recent Central Meeting of the American Philosophical Association.
UPDATE: Plantinga's opening statement transcribed here (pdf). The book containing the debate is Science and Religion: Are They Compatible? (Point/Counter). Full MP3 Audio here.
Note: audio quality is low, but perhaps better than what you'll find elsewhere. It has been edited from "intolerable" to "tolerable." Complaints are welcome if you can provide cleaner audio of this one.


Unknown said...

Your files on Critical thinking are messed up stating with #10'
Enjoyed the site.
Rob Kelley
jn1010 ministries
NC apologetics

Brian said...

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to fix that. In the meantime, you can get them in a zip file here.

Anonymous said...

Play by play of the debate by someone who actually attended it is linked here:

Unknown said...

The audio is tolerable but equally low quality. Pity about the audio

Unknown said...

is there anyone who knows where i can get an audio debate of Alvin plantinga vs anthony apparently happened a while back..

Daniel Bekele said...


I was looking for the audio or transcript of the planting - Flew debate in 1985. I e-mail Roy Abraham Verghes, the organizer of the debate, asking if he has the any thing that referst to that debate. He does not have anything himself. Have you find any thing yet? Please let me know if you get it and where I can find it.


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