Monday, February 09, 2009

Analysis and Response to Zeitgeist has a nice piece online: Analysis & Response to Zeitgeist, where you'll find some of the claims in the video followed by helpful responses and quotations by scholars, historians, world religion experts, Christian apologists and others as well as links to in-depth articles and books that offer a much more thorough refutation of many of the errors in the first part of the film.



Aaron said...


You stole my thunder...I was working on a post for Zeitgeist. : )

Good post!

Brian said...

When you get it done let me know!

Chad said...


You "stole my thunder" as well! I was going to post this! Great assessment!


Brian said...

Remember, thunder comes after lightning. haha.

No worries - again, just send a link and I will add it here too.

Aaron said...

I guess Greg Koukl just did a radio show covering the topic as well. Zeitgeist must be in the air.

Brian said...

I just found that out as well. I thought his take was very good... even without looking at any of the Zeitgeist claims, it does not prove anything. That is, just because there might be a thousand fakes it says nothing of the truth of Christianity. Christianity rises and falls on its own historical merit - not on the historicity (or lack thereof) of some other myths. And that's without even addressing the myth claims.

But at any rate.

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