Friday, May 08, 2009

Lectures on Francis Schaeffer MP3 Audio by Kim Riddlebarger

The notable apologist Francis Schaeffer has had a great impact upon 20th Century apologetics. His books continue to be a great influence. Now learn more about the life and thought of Schaeffer in this series of lectures by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger (originally found here).

Part 1 - The Life and Significance of Francis Schaeffer - MP3
Part 2 - Sources of His Thought (Old Princeton) - MP3
Part 3 - Sources of His Thought (Van Til) - MP3

Part 4 - Apologetic Methodology (Epistemology) - MP3

Part 5 - Taking the Roof Off
 - MP3
Part 6 - A Critical Evaluation - MP3



Henry Middleton said...

Schaeffer is one of my favorite Christian writers. He had a great mind and a great eye for the condition of the culture.

Golden854 said...

I knew Francis Schaeffer and began discourse with him right after his seminal "Swan Song" keynote speech at Notre Dame (CLS Plenary), spring '81. He was a remarkable man; he covered a lot of ground in his writings and films. He was absolutely prophetic when he said, "The (political) window of opportunity for Evangelicals will remain open, following Reagan's election '80, so long as there is the perception of affluence." He was correct, almost to the day.

Neal Lekwa

Unknown said...

This is an excellent series on Schaeffer's thought. Kim gives us some great advice here on Evangelism and Apologetics.

Unknown said...

As we look at the climate in America today and delve back into lectures and especially the film How shall we then live. as I did on the July 4, 2010. I thought to my self it is amazing to listen and watch the incredible analysis from the 70ties, which like a symphony tells a story in a chronological order and brings you to the inevitable conclusion. in the words of Francis The little roman bridge will soon be collapsing under all the pressure. because christian consensus within our society and the so called upper classes is completely gone and never coming back. and even though the world is crying out for freedom she will suffer the greatest tyranny ever imagined! and with the light which was the church now under judgment, (1pt 4:17-19) what brings me comfort in this time of tribulation the words of Christ 'this world is not my kingdom' therefore with more assurance I know all of this is part of Gods plan...

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