Saturday, June 06, 2009

3 Apologetics Books for Summer Reading

Here are three books to check out during your summer reading. These are chosen because they are quick and unique reads that are sure to be enlightening and helpful. The first is John Lennox's God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? As a mathematician and philosopher of science, Lennox brings a unique perspective to the so-called conflict between science and religion. He covers areas such as the scope and limits of science, the design of the universe, the origin of life, the genetic code, and the origin of information. This is highly recommended reading from a man who has had one, two, three debates with Richard Dawkins and two with Christopher Hitchens.

The next book to check out this summer is 5 Minute Apologist by Dr. Rick Cornish. This book is split into 100 bite-sized chapters that could be read in around 5 minutes each (hence the title). The idea here is obviously not to go deep into each subject, but to give a broad overview of the numerous areas that apologetics touches. The chapters run the gamut from the Bible and worldviews to the resurrection, science, miracles, and world religions. This is a handy little book that gives a lot of good answers and a good outline of the apologetics landscape.

The third book is Pastor David Robertson's notorious The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths. Again, a quick and easy read, but very good content that deals with the main themes of Dawkins' God Delusion. Based upon open letters to Dawkins which found their way into the spotlight, this is a good recommendation because of its easy-to-read style and lucid and commonsense approach. You can check out a talk by David Robertson here. Read chapters online here.

Happy reading. Go ahead and offer your summer reading recommendations.


Lee said...

"3 Apologetics Books for Summer Reading"

But it is winter down here... :-)

"The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths. "

This one is not for me... I've heard him talk and it is nothing but strawmen – which is funny since Robertson claims to be attacking strawmen arguments from atheists.

He was also on that unbelievable radio show you linked for me a month or so back.

I wrote a little post on it…

Brian said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that down in New Zealand it's winter... : )

Ok, there was a definite smiley face there; take note! Heh heh.

Lee said...

Ok, there was a definite smiley face there; take note!

I can laugh because I'm not an Aussie. :-)

A true blue Aussie would not take kindly to being called a kiwi though - it would be like calling an American a Canadian.

Tell you the truth though, I’ve been down here for nearly 4 years and I still cannot tell the difference between the accents.

Just don't tell anyone please :-)

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