Monday, June 22, 2009

John Lennox Apologetics Audio MP3s

Here are a few MP3 audios of John Lennox from the recent Basics 2009 Conference from TruthforLife. The audio from this conference is currently available for FREE download. Not sure how long that will be the case.
Engaging the New Atheism - MP3
Engaging the Mind: The Defense of Christianity - MP3
Using Scripture to Engage the Mind and Imagination - MP3

Other MP3's from this conference include sessions by Tim Challies, John Piper, and Alistair Begg.


Anonymous said...

The conference messages will be available on the Parkside website through the end of June. They will be available for free indefinitely at as well.

Jenn Fraher
Truth For Life

Joe S. said...

Lee said...

Now, can anyone tell me a valid argument that was made in this lecture?

Brian said...

Lee, could you tell us what invalid argument you have found and explain why you think it is invalid?

Lee said...

Hi Brian,

Too many to list, and it would mean me having to listen to it again. :-)

So, the reason why I asked if anyone could tell me a valid argument is I wanted someone to place here the best examples of John Lennox arguments so i could explain why they are flawed.

John twisted the words of atheist in just the right amount to be attacking a strawman (it seems). Either that or i do not agree with the atheist he is attacking. Another trick used was false analogy



Lee said...

Oh, and I asked first :-)

Brian said...

If someone else wants to do it, then that's great. I don't have time to listen to it again for you. : )

By the way, nice new profile pic. Looks... tough yet artistic. : )

Lee said...

Hi Brian,

The wife took the picture last week, she was 'practicing' for a rock band shoot she was doing next day.

It's good having a professional photographer as a wife - I get lots of silly pictures.

As for John Lennox arguments, a transcript would be nice from one of his debates so we could just cut and paste.

I’ve just done a quick search and found this link.

and this one

Not had chance to read them, so I don’t know if he says anything good (one way or the other).

However, it should make it easier for me to find something and you know I will not be misquoting.

Have to go now – wife wants out.


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