Friday, August 06, 2010

D. A. Carson’s The God Who Is There MP3 Series

This found at the Gospel Coalition blog: D.A. Carson's "The God Who Is There" series simultaneously evangelizes non-Christians and edifies Christians by explaining the Bible’s storyline in a non-reductionistic way. The series is geared toward “seekers” and articulates Christianity in a way that causes hearers either to reject or embrace the gospel. It’s one thing to know the Bible’s storyline, but it’s another to know one’s role in God’s ongoing story of redemption. “The God Who Is There” engages people at the worldview-level.

Get all 14 MP3s in an RSS Feed Here, or right in iTunes here.
Each MP3 can be downloaded here (video preview links found at original post):

1. The God Who Made Everything | MP3
2. The God Who Does Not Wipe Out Rebels | MP3
3. The God Who Writes His Own Agreements | MP3
4. The God Who Legislates | MP3
5. The God Who Reigns | MP3
6. The God Who Is Unfathomably Wise | MP3
7. The God Who Becomes a Human Being | MP3
8. The God Who Grants New Birth | MP3
9. The God Who Loves | MP3
10. The God Who Dies—and Lives Again | MP3
11. The God Who Declares the Guilty Just | MP3
12. The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People | MP3
13. The God Who Is Very Angry | MP3
14. The God Who Triumphs | MP3


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