Monday, October 27, 2008

The Problem of Evil MP3 Audio by Mardi Keyes

Mardi Keyes considers the problem of evil under four main headings: 1. The problem of evil for Christian believers. 2. The problem of evil for non-believers. 3. The Biblical resolution of the problem of evil. 4. What to do when doubts still crop up.

Full MP3 audio here.

Another great resource from



Innovative Defense said...

Hey there. I have posted a new blog on my page, feel free to check it out. It is on 1 Tim 2:12 and its context.


Brian said...

Innovative defense:

Thanks for being a faithful reader of the blog. And keep up the good work on yours.

As for your post, I assume you have posted that link because you disagree with the teaching here being done by a woman? Is that a correct assumption?

If so, what do you think would be an appropriate venue/topic/situation that would be proper for a woman to teach or speak in?

Innovative Defense said...

No, the reasoning behind my post is because of the publicity of this entire debate: whether a women can teach over men in a church setting or not.

I have looked into the section which Paul speaks about this, and have looked at both sides.

I have made commentary on my position and why.

The only time I see it "okay" for a women to teach, is if everyone else who is a man is not able to teach for some reason about the gospel. The only reason I see this "okay" is because if there are unbelievers that have not heard the gospel in the crowd that day, it is more important for them to hear it, regardless if it is by a man or woman, because we are all called to preach the gospel.

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