Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kyle Butt vs. Dan Barker Debate MP3 Audio - Does the God of the Bible Exist?

Kyle Butt debates Dan Barker on the topic: Does the God of the Bible Exist? For commentary on the debate, see here.

Full MP3 Audio here.

Various Kyle Butt MP3 audio has also been added here.
A notable review can be found here.



Haecceitas said...

After listening to the debate, I feel that of those two, it's the wrong guy who has to bear the last name "Butt".

Barker contradicted his own position on several occasions, his philosophical arguments were the same old flawed ones that he's presented for years, and the supposed contradictions in the Bible were presented in a very superficial way. (Not to mention that it doesn't follow that "the God of the Bible does not exists" even if there are bona fide Biblical contradictions -- at most, it just follows that the Bible's description of God isn't totally flawless.)

J_Abdo said...

This may be a really stupid question, but is there away to download this mp3 and your other ones so that I can put them on iTunes? When I click on them, the player comes up, but I can't download it- unless it's downloaded when you click and it on my computer and I just haven't found the file yet.

Brian said...

That's a great question, J.

There are two ways... you can subscribe to the audios in iTunes by clicking on the "subscribe" button on the right hand column of the blog.

Or, you can simply right-click the link and "save as" to your desktop and then add it into iTunes.

Let me know if you that works for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

J_Abdo said...

Both the right click save as options require me to buy QuickTime Pro as opposed to whatever I ready have.

Oh, I just checked my iTunes and the podcast was there! When I clicked subscribe and it brought up the iTunes store I assumed that I was supposed to do a search and I wasn't having much luck.

Thanks for humoring me!

Brian said...

So you're saying that the podcast download for your iTunes is working, then?

J_Abdo said...

The subscribe link does work, I just didn't realize it at first.


Brian said...

Atheism is Dead has a notable review here.

Anonymous said...

um... okay, I right-clicked and Saved the file. But whenever I try to drag it into iTunes it won't go in. Where in iTunes am I supposed to drag it into to make it work.

Brian said...

I suppose the same place that you would place any other audio files. Not sure how to direct you on that, unless other people had a similar problem and could assist.

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