Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Apologetics Teaching Series MP3 Audio

Apologetics is the branch of theology that presents the rational basis for the faith, exposes the errors of other world views, and equips believers to defend the faith against objections. This course is taught by Eric Douma of Twin City Fellowship.

These audio files can be downloaded via podcast or RSS feed. Links below:

1 - Introduction to Logic Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
2 - Categorical Syllogisms Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
3 - Other Syllogisms Lecture | Discussion mp3 Audio | PowerPoint | PDF
4 - Informal Fallacies Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
5 - The Battle for Truth Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
6 - Proving the Existence of God to Athiests Lecture | Discussion | Powerpoint | PDF
7 - Defeating Macroevolution Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
8 - Proving the God of the Bible is the True God Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
9 - Proving the God of the Bible is the True God Part 2 Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
10 - Proving the God of the Bible is the True God Part 3 Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF
11 - Answering False Religions and Cults Lecture | Discussion | PowerPoint | PDF

Also added to the Ultimate Apologetics MP3 Audio page. Enjoy.


Dante said...


Dante said...

I'm having trouble with the links, I can't open them... :)

Brian said...

Oops. I will need to fix the links later today. I made a mistake in the code. In the meantime, you can use the RSS feeds or go to the original source.

Jonathan D. Coffin said...

Thanks for the post...great site too! God bless...

Paijo Budi said...

Great resources.
Thanks and greetings from Indonesia.


Brian said...

Links have been fixed.
Be sure to check out the RSS feed anyway, as new files are added to it weekly.

M said...

Thanks again for the many great resources. However, again, I tear out my hair regarding the Defeating Macroevolution part. Come on, ~10% devoted to this? Most of the arguments presented are very dated (i.e. Peltdown man, Lucy video, clotting factors). A very simple search will find that these things are very misleading or just a straw man. If you want me to go into specifics let me know. I just ask that you all will just remember to think critically :)

Thanks again for the podcast Brian, it's been great.

Brian said...


Thanks for chiming in on this. I appreciate your points.

There are a couple of quick points that I was considering commenting on this particular resource, but I didn't do it in the initial post.

First, I think it is a good introductory course, but I think he glosses over many areas and simplifies the issues a little too much. Some of this is to be expected with an intro course, because you want to break it down for people - but some things could be misleading.

For instance, in the talk on arguments for God, he uses terminology like "proving that God exists to the atheist." I would have strong reservations about such misleading terms. It really depends on what you mean by "prove."

In regards to the macro-evolution part, I agree some of the content is dated. In addition, he paints a very simple picture of the debate and therefore presents a very facile and superficial conclusion to the argument. I would not take that approach myself. The issue is not opened and closed in a 45-minute talk.

There are some other simplifications which those familiar with this sort of content would perhaps wince at in certain points, but if taken in the context of a larger picture, can be forgiven to some extent.

As far as the talk on evolution taking up 10% of the material, it is only at this point. If you check the RSS feed, the course is still in progress and more audio has been added. Apparently it is an ongoing series.

Mark, I agree on the thinking critically part. Don't take any one person's word for it. Areas of hot dispute have many nuances that should not be ignored. Although I do not agree with the idea of macro-evolution, I am certainly open to learning more about the non-strawman arguments for and against.

Thanks again, Mark. I am glad you find the resources helpful. Take care!

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