Friday, May 15, 2009

The Truth About Angels and Demons

Dan Brown has released his latest book-to-movie: Angels and Demons. Today's featured web site is The Truth About Angels And, which seeks to present a balanced assessment of Dan Brown’s narratives, the historical data, and the philosophy set forth in his best-selling novels and movies.

Check it out here.
Also, Dr. Peter Lillback on Issues, Etc. talking about the movie MP3 Audio.



Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments about In conjunction with Westminster Theological Seminary

I was part of the web strategy team from Trinet Internet Solutions that helped make this remarkable site happen.

To date your post sent close to 1,000 visits to the site. A few even making spiritual commitments to Christ through the "know the truth page" Thanks to the success of and Westminster has plans to continue it's Truth series and we would love your continued support.

Your "virtual" friend in Christ, - Geoff

Brian said...

Glad to hear it, Alexis. Thanks for that info!

Tom said...

Surely, you do not mean to suggest that Dan Brown is an author of fiction?

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