Wednesday, September 30, 2009

James White vs. Dan Barker MP3: Was Jesus a Myth? Debate Audio

James White debates Dan Barker on the topic: Was Jesus a Myth? Video can be found over at The debate took place at Newberg Christian Church. White's comments on Barker's "don't quote my book" objection is here, with video of the objection here.

Full audio can only be purchased at (2hr 42min)


Check out James White's review of their first debate here.


The Armchair Theologian said...

Good stuff! I cannot wait to hear the first few minutes of Barker's opening that I missed!

I'm wondering if this debate will mark a watershed event in Barker's career...he committed such rhetorical suicide when White started his opening statement, he admitted that he didn't care about the rules of debate, he pursued anything but the topic of the debate with White (YEC and Mormonism), etc.

I'm know that the atheist fanbois would claim victory for Barker even if he started stuttering and ran out of the auditorium. The fanbois only care about whether Barker shot his mouth of and mocked Christianity...but not all skeptics are atheist fanbois. I'm wondering if the more "level headed" skeptics will start distancing themselves from Barker?

Mike Felker said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this! Can't wait to listen to the whole thing!

The Seeking Disciple said...

Great. I plan on downloading this tonight and taking a listen. Thank God for men such as James White defending the true faith.

dvd said...

I have seen some bonehead statements by Dan Barker and some weak debates, but this has to be the worst possible showing I have ever seen.

Dan Barker should apologize for that.
That was awful.

Lee said...

I'm wondering if the more "level headed" skeptics will start distancing themselves from Barker?

Erm... this doesn't sound good.

I've been a fan (fanbois?) of Dan for a while now - happy to admit that so let's see how the debate goes.

I am looking forward to it.


Joshua Jung said...

Hmmm, I think Dr. White made a big blunder in this. He says that "...since numbers are a part of Creation itself..."

Can anyone else see the major problem with this?

If the concept of division of items within space (which then gives our minds the ability to incrementally count), did not precede Creation, then God cannot be three in one before Creation.

Now, this assumes that the ability to create can even exist in a "realm" without sequence of events (time).

Furthermore, if the concept of separation of entities is a concept to which the Godhead is subject, then there is a concept which is greater than God.

Does that make sense?

Unknown said...

Watched this debate and like all his other debates Dan Barker is awful. He never sticks to the point and subtlely admits White is right with qualifying statements like " I don't believe that but even if....I still don't believe it". What was truly incredible was when Dan objected to James referencing previous material Dan had wrote and WAS SELLING ON THE BACK TABLE saying "I could have changed my mind sense then". That's the relative world of Barker that I've noticed in his debates. What he says one minute he doesn't mean the next. At least he gave up the " I used to be a pastor therefore I have the inside scoop on religion" bit. That was so old. As far as James White? I've listened to and have just about every debate he's done. And I'll tell ya I'd put him up against ANYBODY. Never compromises the sovereignty of God, Gods truth, and the inerrancy of scripture. Truly a man after Gods own heart.

Lothair Of Lorraine said...

Either side could call this as a win. Dan definitely embarrassed himself with the 'don't quote my book' remark. I have noticed that James White's supporters have spent a great deal of time slamming Dan for the obvious 'faux paux', but there was a lot more to the discussion than this segment of the exchange.

But, James White's rather weak follow up the Justin Martyr comment was equally lame.

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