Monday, December 07, 2009

Apologist Interview: MaryJo Sharp of Confident Christianity

Here is an interview with apologist MaryJo Sharp of Confident Christianity. MaryJo answers questions about being a woman apologist, her recent debate on the resurrection, advice about apologetics, the launch of her new apologetics podcast, and more. Find her at her blog, on twitter, her web page, and Facebook.

Full MP3 Audio here. (25 min)



Roger said...

Great interview. Mary-Jo's podcasts have been excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Roger!


Ehteshaam Gulam said...

Oh dear--- hope nothing bad was said about me

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing MaryJo Sharp to light for me, I've noticed a distinct lack of women involved in philosophy/apologetics so it's good to see that she's out there (my girlfriend will appreciate this!).

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole video. No offense, Ehteshaam, but it seemed as though there was no answer for the historical arguments MaryJo was bringing up. I was reading your comments on the youtube video, and it's interesting to me that you say such ridiculous things as:
"Josephus has been proven to be a fabrication."
False, only parts of the passage on Jesus are said to have been added, but one of the parts that is verified as true by the leading Josephus scholars is that Jesus died by crucifixion.

"Tacitus gives no source...So both these records are out the window."

The problem with this is that Tacitus IS the source. The ancient world didn't have hundreds of history books, scholarly works on history, etc. lying around, rather these historians would BE the sources to be used by later historians. Someone had to start it off.

"...[T]he fact that your New Testament is filled with myths and legends... is evidence that there is no way the Quran can be proven."

This is completely illogical. This is possibly one of the worst arguments I've ever read.

"I mean just read any scholarly book on the NT--it is proven that the Gospels are not biographies rather they are filled with myths and legends with no connection to reality."

This really shows your honestly offensive lack of knowledge about NT scholarship. Perhaps you should read N.T. Wright, Gary Habermas, Craig Blomberg, Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, etc., all of whom have published scholarly works on the NT that actually, shockingly for you, perhaps, claim that Gospels are biographical in nature.

You make claims from either quotes or you just seem to make things up and claim they are true. This is not a way to debate, and it shows you haven't really read the things you claim to be citing ("Just read ANY scholarly book" you say, and then instantly prove that you apparently havent.

Ehteshaam Gulam said...

You can see my responses to your points on my debate review:

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