Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give Me An Answer Conference 2010 MP3 Audio Feed

The Give Me An Answer 2010 Conference audio is here, from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Theologians and pastors answer the question Does God Still Speak?, and discuss Biblical truths that will help you reach your friends, your family, and your college with the Word. There are 27 audio files listed. Download individually by "right-click, save-as" or just use the RSS Feed here. Or to add to iTunes automatically, click here. More about speakers here.

• General Session 1 with Dr. Mohler - MP3
• Late Night with Dr. Mohler - MP3
• General Session 2 with Dr. Moore - MP3
• Question and Answer Session with Dr. Mohler and Dr. Moore - MP3
• Are There Contradictions in the Old Testament? - MP3
• How Did The Early Church Decide What Should Be In The Bible? - MP3
• Four Accounts, One Story: Are There Contradictions in the New Testament? - MP3
• Three Friends, A Dorm, and a Bible: What Makes a Church . . . a Church? - MP3
• Christ in the Cinema: How Should Scripture Impact Movies? - MP3
• Does the Bible Accurately Record History? - MP3
• Did Jesus Use the NIV? How Did We Get the Bible? - MP3
• Hymns and Hip Hop: How Should Scripture Impact Music? - MP3
• Visions, Dreams, and the Word of God: How Do We Evangelize Muslims? - MP3
• How Are the Old and New Testaments Related to One Another? - MP3
• How Do I Use Scripture to Counsel My Friends and Myself? - MP3
• What Does a Biblical Woman Look Like? - MP3
• What Does a Biblical Man Look Like? - MP3
• Man or God: Who Wrote the Bible? - MP3
• When the Bible is Silent: Does the Bible Speak to All Areas of Life? - MP3
• How Do We Read and Interpret the Bible? - MP3
• Reconciling Rebels: How Do We Use Scripture in Witnessing? - MP3
• Reason and Faith: Is Christianity Illogical? - MP3
• How Do I Respond to Someone Who Doesn’t Believe the Bible is True? - MP3
• Tarot Cards and Tongues: Is the Bible All We Need? - MP3
• Are You Expecting God to Write Your Hollywood Love Story? - MP3
• How Do Christians Discern God’s Will? - MP3
• General Session 3 with Dr. Moore - MP3



DEAN said...

Looks very interesting, I'm excited to listen, thanks!

The Seeking Disciple said...

Thanks for these. As a strong believer in inerrancy and the authority of the Bible, I will be listening to all of these!

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks for the links.

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