Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Matthew Flannagan vs. Raymond Bradley Debate: Is God the Source of Morality? MP3 Audio

In this debate, Matthew Flannagan and Raymond Bradley face off on the topic: "Is God the Source of Morality: Is it rational to ground right and wrong in commands issued by God?" Flannagan's opening statements can be found here. Bradley's opening statement can be here. More can be found at the MandM blog. Video should be forthcoming.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here. (2hr)


[HT: Thinking Matters]


Joel Wingo said...

Is this a debate between a cyborg and a retired ski instructor? The pictures make me wonder.

Wes Widner said...

This debate was a train-wreck for Matthew Flannagan. His reformed leanings did not serve him well at all here.

Duke of Earl said...

Compared to what exactly? Ray didn't exactly cover himself in glory.


ds said...

A "train wreck"? Did you listen to it? Flannagan took Bradley out and did it well.

Anonymous said...

A train wreck for Flannagan? dude! I attended that debate live and most people thought that Flannagan pwned Bradley!

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