Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (06/17 - 06/24)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Common Sense Truth
The Problem of Miracles
Kindle 3G Summer Giveaway
Big Religion Comparison Chart
Ancient Texts Compared to the Bible
Cisco Sinks to Dishonorable Low
What Diversity and Inclusion Mean at Cisco
Are Old Testament Laws Evil? (PDF)
Atheists and Unicorns: Emotional Appeal
Victor Stenger replies to “Who made God?”
Lessons from the Life of Francis Schaeffer
Butler: All of the evidence taken together
Verses to Know When Witnessing to Mormons
Letters to a Mormon Elder by James White
Mary Jo Sharp: Jesus Never Existed? (vid)
Ten Arguments for the Existence of God
Praxman and Zeitgeistscheizer on Freedom
Fatherhood and Atheism: Paul Vitz Interview MP3
The Historic Alliance of Christianity and Science
Check out "God and Pen" - Philosophy of Religion blog
Does the Scientific Method Preclude the Existence of Miracles?
Counterpoints: Richard Dawkins and Pastor Richard Wurmbrand
Confident Christianity: Houston Student Apologetics Training Camp 2011
Audio from J.P. Moreland’s “Love Your God With All Your Mind” lecture

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Seth said...

Great selection of links this Friday! I really enjoyed the atheists and unicorns blog post by Wartick. Finally I found an answer to that ridiculous "argument." :)

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