Monday, August 22, 2011

Astrophysicist Interview: Jeff Zweerink

Today's interview is with astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink. Jeff is a research scholar with Reasons to Believe, and serves part-time on the physics and astronomy research faculty at UCLA. He is author of Who's Afraid of the Multiverse?, the main topic of our interview today. He talks about his background and how he got into astrophysics, scientific evidences pointing to God, the role of natural theology, the strongest (and weakest) arguments from science, the multiverse, the various types of multiverses, why scientists postulate the multiverse, various objections to the multiverse, should Christians, how to be well-informed in scientific evidences, advice for apologists, and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (55 min)

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Russell said...

Thanks for this interview Brian! Jeff did a great job explaining the different multiverse theories. I've always been a little confused on the subject.

Andreas said...

Great interview!

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