Monday, November 28, 2011

Apologist Interview: Winfried Corduan

Today's interview is with Christian philosopher Win Corduan. Dr. Corduan has served as a professor or adjunct professor of philosophy and religion at numerous colleges, universities, and seminaries. He has also served as president of both the International Society of Christian Apologetics and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He talks about his background and work, influences in apologetics, philosophy and apologetics, philosophical theology, philosophy of religions, comparative religions, his study in Buddhism, the neglect of Buddhism, the need for scholars in all areas, advice for apologists, and more. His books include Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions, No Doubt About It: The Case for Christianity, Pocket Guide to World Religions, Handmaid to Theology: An Essay in Philosophical Prolegomena, Reasonable Faith: Basic Christian Apologetics, and a number of others.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (50 min).
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Billy Squibs said...

This is really challenging stuff from Dr. Corduan. I sometime wonder if apologetics isn't an end within itself to some people at some of the time. In other words, perhaps it becomes about whether WLC or whoever won a debate and not so much about Christ.

Paul said...

The link is no longer good.

Brian said...

Try it now, Paul.

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