Monday, March 25, 2013

Top Ten Myths About the Resurrection

This Easter Week, Credo House Ministries is presenting a new video each day on Ten Myths About the Resurrection, featuring Dr. Michael Licona. If you subscribe to their newsletter, they will send one to your inbox every day. Check out the Credo House Vimeo Channel for Mike Licona's presentation of all ten myths:

Myth 1: Contradictions in the Gospels
Myth 2: Pagan Parallels in the Mystery Religions
Myth 3: The Fraud Theory
Myth 4: Hallucinations
Myth 5: It's a Matter of Faith
Myth 6: Apparent Death Theory
Myth 7: It Was Merely Legend
Myth 8: Science Proves that Resurrections Cannot Occur
Myth 9: Not Enough Evidence
Myth 10: Lost Gospels

If you find this information helpful, you'll want to get the Case for the Resurrection of Jesus DVD with Mike Licona. This is a two-disc set with 8 sessions. An excellent small group resource!


Eric D Lloyd said...

Wow, this is a great resource! Thanks Brian

curly said...

Hey Brain, do this DVD offer the subtitle for Deaf friendly?

Brian said...

Sorry I don't really know about that.

dgfisch said...

I really enjoyed the discussion on the eighth myth dealing with science discounting the resurrection with the picture of the three-year old walking on water with a little assistance from a helping hand. It should never be seen as "cheating" for God to accomplish what natural processes can't. After all, flying an airplane doesn't thwart gravity.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed. And with all due respect to science ....

Ryan said...

Nice find Brian.

Everyone should read Licona and Habermas's book.

Bathurst Evangelical Church said...

Brian, thank you so much for providing this link. I note that Credo House and Mike Licona's Risen Jesus site don't give us such a link!

Unknown said...

I just watched #2. I always observed that if you want to say that if a story of 'death and ressurection' proves borrowing from pagan myth then not only was the story of Jesus stolen from pagan my myth but also that of Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern(well Hal anyway), and Punisher

In fact by my count Captain America(Steve Rodgers to be specific) has been killed and ressurected on four seperate occasions. I guess that makes him some sort of super pagan deity?

Joel said...

Does anyone know if the dvd is available in a region 2 format or a muti-region?

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