Monday, April 20, 2009

Featured Podcast: Straight Thinking

One of the Reasons to Believe podcasts is called Straight Thinking, featured today. Some of the notable recent episodes include:

Golden Rule of Apologetics: Avoiding the Ad Hominem - [MP3]
Golden Rule of Apologetics: Avoiding the Straw Man - [MP3]
Need for Dispassionate Analysis - [MP3]
Explanatory Power & Scope - [MP3]

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Dante said...


I couldn't access the Straight Thinking podcasts where I'm from. It says: "Not available in your country."

Is there another way for me to download those mp3s? BTW, I can download the mp3s you've posted in this entry.


Brian said...

Have you tried the RSS feed, or just the iTunes link?

Brian said...

You might try using iTunes, subscribing to a podcast manually, and using this link:

Dante said...

It worked when I did it manually. Thanks.

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