Saturday, July 11, 2009

Albert Mohler on the New Atheism - 4 MP3s

Albert Mohler presents 4 lectures on the New Atheism. Todd over at Faith by Hearing has featured these lectures, along with a synopsis of each, right here.
Download them now below:
The New Atheism And The Endgame Of Secularism
The New Atheism And The Assault On Theism
The New Atheism And The Defense Of Theism
The New Atheism And The Future Of Christianity



Unknown said...

Dr. Mohler provided a great summary of the history of atheism. I appreciated that he called out that the new atheism is not so much whether God exists but what kind of God would exist. For example, many of these new atheists attack God's goodness over his existence.

That said, I think he could have addressed more philosophical issues that have contributed toward the emergence of the new atheism. For the most part, modern Christian theologians abstracted God as substance (following Aristotle's thought) over God's desire to know humanity. Postmodern theology emphasizes knowing God over his substance.

The church must ask itself how it has contributed toward this new atheism and look at the opportunity to enter dialogue with these atheists. I look forward to listening to the other lectures.

Thomas said...

These are well worth the listen as they give a lot of background information on atheism.

However, if you prefer, you could read Mohler's book "Atheism Remix" which was based on these four lectures.

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