Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Audios from Unbelievable? in 2009

One podcast worth listening to is Justin Brierley's Unbelievable? radio show in the UK. It typically features a Christian and non-Christian in dialogue in a non-combative and irenic style. Although there were many good shows this in 2009, here is a list of some favorites. To download the audio, just right-click and hit "save as..." - or just subscribe via iTunes or by the RSS feed.

• Richard Bauckham on the Gospels - Part 1 | Part 2

• The Moral Argument for God - MP3
Dialogue between David Robertson & Paul Orton

• The Fine-Tuning of the Universe - MP3

• The Reason for God with Tim Keller - MP3

• Misquoting Jesus - MP3
Dialogue between Peter Williams & Bart Ehrman

• Challenging Atheist Myths with David Robertson - Part 1 | Part 2

• Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - MP3
Dialogue between Steven Carr & Canon Michael Cole

• An Interview with Alister McGrath - MP3


What was last year's post? It was excellent.


Lee said...

Hi Brian,

Normally a good show... a few misses, but I can listen to most of them without hitting my head against the wall (normally because I am on the train and it isn't the done thing)

Still, the last show I heard was pretty bad - just Justin Brierley reviewing a debate.

Nearly everything that came from the guys mouth was nosense, should stick to presenting.


Lee said...

Oh, and thanks for telling me about this show about a year ago :-)

I download it each week, so that must say something about the show


Joel Varner said...

Challenging Atheist Myths by David Robertson was really good. I highly recomment it! Thanks

Ex N1hilo said...


I must disagree with your assessment of Brierley's presentation on on the "Atheist Fundamentalism" debate. He played long portions of the debate; commented thoughtfully on it; interviewed one of the debators and a number of attendants.

What specifically would you identify as nonsense in Brierley's presentation?


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