Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year in Review for Apologetics315

In looking over the year at Apologetics315, some great posts seem to stand out. This is a sort of year in review for 2009 covering a few things notable.

There was a lot of audio. In addition to the most-popular Ultimate Apologetics MP3 Audio page, there was Apologetics for your Ipod, and the other very popular post, the 16 Best Apologetics Podcasts. Saddleback's apologetic conference audio was also a good series. The Audio Junkie feed features all kinds of extra audio for those who couldn't get enough.

There were some good podcasts released, such as Reasons to Believe's batch here, MaryJo Sharp's Confident Christianity podcast, and of the big post called Apologetics Podcasts Worth Your Time. Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology podcast was also very popular. You can also get all of William Lane Craig's audio debates at once with the WLC Audio debate feed.

In the area of debate, there were a number of notable ones this year:
• The Origins of Life debate with Meyer, Sternberg, Prothero & Shermer.
• The Alvin Plantinga & Daniel Dennett dialogue.
• Bart Ehrman vs. James White: Did the Bible Misquote Jesus?
• List of Michael Licona Debates here.
• William Lane Craig debates Christopher Hitchens here.
• Frank Turek has two debates with Hitchens here and here.
• Douglas Wilson debates Christopher Hitchens here.
• William Lane Craig debates Francisco Ayala on Intelligent Design here.
• William Lane Craig debates Richard Carrier on the Resurrection here.
• Douglas Geivett debates John Shook on the Existence of God here.
• Michael Licona debates Bart Ehrman on the Resurrection here.
• James White debates Dan Barker on Jesus' existence here.
• William Lane Craig debates George Williamson on God's existence here.
• Dinesh D'Souza debates Daniel Dennett on God as a man-made invention here.
• Dinesh D'Souza debates Christopher Hitchens here.
• William Lane Craig debates Lewis Wolport on God as a delusion here.
• J.P. Moreland debates Clancy Martin on the existence of God here.
• Mary Jo Sharp debated Ehteshaam Gulam on the resurrection here.
• Phil Fernandes debated Eddie Tabash on God's existence here.
• Richard Dawkins talked to John Lennox about science and God here.

There were a number of post series, such as Terminology Tuesday and Theistic Arguments. A couple other substantial posts were the 100 Christian Apologists and the Christian Apologetics Blog Directory. There was also the series on logic: A Basic Logic Primer.

A very popular page, created in response to a reader request, was the Recommended Apologetics Book Directory, which is also a nice way to help Apologetics315.

There were some great books this year. Most notable were Tactics by Greg Koukl, The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. Bowman & Boa's 20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists was also a featured book review in Areopagus Journal. There were about 35 book reviews this year.

The most notable book releases this year were probably Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer (audio interview here), The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology edited by Craig and Moreland, and Tactics by Greg Koukl.

Apologetics315 also did a two-part interview at the Cloud of Witnesses blog here.
There are over 600 posts now - one every day (with the exception of a Christmas break).
The site got a new look, which many liked and some had trouble with until they upgraded Internet Explorer. You also began to follow Apologetics315 on Twitter and became fans on the Facebook page.

Ap315 also wants to say thank you to some notable bloggers for their friendship and camaraderie in apologetics for the Gospel:

Chad at Truthbomb, Aaron and Dan at Apologetic Junkie, Rob at Manawatu, Wintery Knight at Wintery Knight, Melinda at Stand to Reason, Chris at Cloud of Witnesses, Mariano at Atheism is Dead, Marcus at What Had Happened Was, Glenn at In Defense of the Faith, Jonathan at Think Christianly, Jason at, Mike at The Apologetic Front, MaryJo and Roger at Confident Christianity, Roger at Faith Interface, Jim at PleaseConvinceMe, Vocab at Backpack Truth, and Todd at I Love Atheists.

Thanks for reading in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Dude! How could you miss the 2009 Greer-Heard forum on religions pluralism!!! Especially Paul Copan's response!

Read about it here:

Buy it here:

Roger said...

Thanks Brian for such a fantastic apologetics resource and for your support and encouragement this year.

Happy New Year!

vocab malone/jm rieser said...

Brian ~

Thank you so much for the unique resources you provide. Also, thank you so much for the N. Ireland photography calendar - beautiful!

Much love to you and yours ...

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