Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jay Smith & Shabir Ally Debate: Islam or Christianity - Which Promotes Peace?

In this debate held on 28 June 2008 in Toronto, Jay Smith and Shabir Ally discuss the question: Islam or Christianity: Which Promotes Peace? This debate can also be found on Youtube here.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here (2hr).



Evan L said...

very cool. thanks for posting this, it was really interesting. Jay, i'll say, is one of the best if not THE best debater when it comes to Islam. he makes me think of a Christian Christopher Hitchens as far as charisma and booming voice goes lol.
And Shabir Ally, I'll never say a bad thing about him. He always comes across as gracious and polite.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Jay to stop preaching and making silly jokes. He needs to start bringing some arguments, evidences instead of Gospel preaching, which no one is interested in anyways. If people wanted to listen to some evangelical preaching they would have went to the Church on Sunday instead of attending the debate. Jay just doesn’t belong in the same league with Shabir.

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