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Apologist Interview Suggestions

Apologetics 315 has a podcast feed specifically for apologist interviews. For the RSS feed, click here. If you have iTunes installed, click here to subscribe to the podcast automatically. Or go right to iTunes and search for Apologetics 315 Interviews. For a full listing of the apologists interviewed, go here. Many more interviews are in the works...

Now for your feedback: What apologist, scholar, theologian, author, or individual would you like to have interviewed? Leave a comment below. Or, if you would like to suggest an interview and would like to provide additional contact information and feedback, please contact Apologetics 315 here.

Thanks for listening!


Nick Potts said...

I would like to see James White interviewed on the relationship between theology, evangelism and apologetics. That would be a GREAT interview! and I think it would be highly beneficial not only for people who agree with the particular theology White holds to, but generally, why we need to be up on our game in theological matters because it determines how we conduct our method and our behavior in apologetics and evangelism and the rest of life.

Kyle Essary said...

As diverse as these are, I would like to see James White interviewed and also Edward Feser. It would be good to get some atheists/agnostics to prepare some questions for Feser beforehand, and some Muslims or Mormons to prepare some questions for White.

Haecceitas said...

Alvin Plantinga
J. P. Holding
Victor Reppert

Brian said...

Have you heard the James White interview?

valentin said...

You interviewed David wood which was great I think we need more interviews with apologists who understand Islam. I would suggest Sam shamoun. Thanks take care.

Anonymous said...

1) David Marshall (author of "True Son of Heaven", "The Truth Behind the New Atheism", and "The Truth About Jesus and the 'Lost Gospels'")

2) John Warwick Montgomery

Billy Squibs said...

I may have mentioned it before Brian, but I'd love to hear you talk to Vinoth Ramachandra and Stanley Hawerwas.

Neither are specifically focused on apologetics but both have fascinating insights into social issues from a Christian perspective.

Also, David B. Hart would be an interesting man to have on your podcast. He is the author of a number of books including Atheist Delusions (winner of the Michael Ramsey prize in theology) and recently appeared on the Unbelievable? show in discussion with Terry Sanderson.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to hear an interview with philosophers Ed Feser (on classical theism an Aquinas) and Victor Reppert (on the argument from reason), and with theologian David Hart (preferrably, an interview on his claim that naturalism is incoherent!). Some more recommendations would be John Haldane, Keith Ward, Peter van Inwagen, Brian Davies, Brian Leftow, Tim Mawson, Robin Collins and John Haught!

Billy Squibs said...

Eric, you might be interested in the discussion I mentioned:{DE144327-A6A2-4D85-9EA7-95929AA20A71}

Also, Brian, what about an interview with Denis Alexander, Director of the Faraday Institute?

Russell said...

I can only think of a few that I don't see on my itunes feed, but...

John Lennox
Ravi Zacharias
Mike Horton
Jennifer Roback Morse
Tim keller

Dan said...

RC Sproul

Raydancer said...

Greg Ganssle, author of Thinking about God: First Steps in Philosophy. Greg Koukl credits that book as being a style template for his book Tactics.

Anonymous said...

"Eric, you might be interested in the discussion I mentioned"

Hi Billy

I listened to that discussion, and it was Hart's remark about naturalism being incoherent that really interested me. That's why I suggested Brian give him some serious time to discuss that issue on his podcast. (Incidentally, I simply can't see how anyone could read, say, Dawkins and Harris on the one hand, and Hart on the other, and conclude that it's the theists who are uninformed, stupid, etc.)

John Divito said...

Paul Carden:
K. Scott Oliphint:
William Edgar:
James Anderson:
Greg Welty:

Seth said...

There aren't many I can think of who you haven't interviewed! :)

I would suggest trying to get an interview with R.C. Sproul; that would be an interesting interview given Sproul's age, he has a lot of life experience.

Another suggestion would be John Warwick Montgomery.

Chad said...

Hello Brian,

I would like to hear an interview with:

1. Dallas Willard
2. John Mark Reynolds
3. Dave Sterrett

Thanks for the opportunity to suggest!


Wes said...

Nancey Pearcy would be a great person to interview. Her book "Total Truth" won the Gold Medallion Book Award and her new book "Saving Leonardo" is also excellent. You might get her to cover her time at Labri, worldview analysis, apologetics in a secular culture, etc. Thanks for all your hard work, Brian. You're blog has been a great resource for me and Broadview Baptist Church.

emmzee said...

I agree with many of the names already mentioned: Greg Ganssle, Tim Keller, John Warwick Montgomery. Also, even though he is not an "apologist" or philosopher per se, Francis Chan.

SilentK said...

Dr. Michael Brown for his book about the homosexual agenda
Tim Keller about Freedom and truth

SilentK said...

...and Tim Challies because I read his blog as much as I read yours. both really great resources.

SilentK said...

oh, and I'd like to hear you interview Chuck Missler from

Anonymous said...

Dale & Jonalyn Fincher

The Fincher's are a husband and wife team that run the ministry Soulation. In addition to being outstanding apologists, much of their ministry is dedicated to helping people become "appropriately human." A heavy focus on spiritual formation along with the tools of apologetics is something that is, unfortunately, uncommon and may be something that is unique and helpful to this community.

Anonymous said...

1. Michael Ramsden
2. Jason Lisle
3. Ravi Zacharias
4. Sam Shamoun
5. Barnabas Green
6. Sander Tanner
7. Dave Hunt

Coptic Christian said...

1. Michael Ramsden
2. James White
3. Sam Shamoun

God Bless

Servus Domini said...

John Lennox
Peter Hitchens
Ravi Zacharias

Babylon5v said...

I would be interested in hearing an interview with Tawa Anderson. I've read a few of his articles here and I wouldn't mind hearing how he does apologetics in Canada.

T said...

C. Stephen Evans of Baylor University. His recent book is called Natural Signs and the Knowledge of God, subtitled a new look at theistic arguments. It's price tag is lofty, but of all the books I've read that touch on natural theology, it is easily the best (and I've read heavyweights of apologetics like John Lennox and William Lane Craig).

He epistemological views and realistic, and he writes thoughtfully and in a balanced manner. His proposal about the use of natural signs in theistic arguments is very much provocative and in some ways revolutionary, and he takes on the argument from divine hiddenness and reductive evolutionary explanations for belief along the way.

I would absolutely love to hear this guy interviewed.

valentin said...

One more suggestion. Dr. Michael L. Brown would be a great interview, he recently released a book called A queer thing happened to America. It would be a very interesting interview I think.

Babylon5v said...

You could also consider Paul Chamberlain who heads up the only Seminary apologetics program in Canada, at Trinity Western University (Canada's largest Christian university). He also just released this excellent book which I recommend to you "Why People Don't Believe: Confronting Seven Challenges to Christian Faith" . Here is an interview of him by Centered Radio discussing the book (I think you will agree he is a good interview) : He has written other books as well.

Babylon5v said...

Here is Paul Chamberlain's faculty page with email:

Seth said...

I know I already gave some suggestions, but I thought of one more others haven't mentioned. How about Dinesh D'Souza? That would be an interesting interview for sure. :)

John said...


I think that an apologist that not many know would be Dr. Doug Blount from DTS. He is a student of Plantingas and very bright.

Neil Shenvi said...

I'm just piggybacking on other people's comments here, but maybe it will help tip the scales:
Tim Keller
Ravi Zacharias
John Lennox

TheJollyOwl said...

Just to second names already mentioned...
Peter Hitchens
Michael Brown

And I'd actually like to hear a soft evangelist like Don Miller interviewed on how to communicate truth.

TheJollyOwl said...

Actually I'd like to hear Wintery Knight interviewed, the man is feisty! Hopefully it can be done without ruining his anonymity...

MaryLou said...

Sean MacDowell -- for his apologetic work with high school kids -- we really need to focus on how to reach and teach our young ones.

Faithful Thinkers said...

Lots of great suggestions here! I want to echo:

Ravi Zacharias
Michael Ramsden
John Lennox
Alvin Plantinga
Michael Brown

But also want to add Jeff Zweerink ( I'd like to hear him talk a bit about his perspective on the affect of multiverse theory on the arguments for God's existence.

And Michael Patton ( Perhaps discussing the importance of understanding proper biblical theology to defending the faith.

Timothy Tennet and Winfried Corduan would both be great interviews about apologetics and eastern religions.

Also have to say that I really enjoy the multi-part interviews and second interviews. Some of the apologists already interviewed have contributed so much that multiple interviews about the different topics certainly would be great.

Abhishek said...

Yes many names have already been mentioned. The top three that come to my mind are:

Ravi Zacharias
Tim Keller
John Lennox

Anonymous said...

Madeleine Flannagan of MandM

Cameron Triggs said...

Voddie Baucham
Ravi Zacharias
Anthony Bradley
Tim Keller

Paul McCauley said...

Hi Brian. A few that have been mentioned - Michael Brown on the apologetic value of messianic prophecy, Ravi Zacharias, and John Lennox. There's one I don't think has been mentioned, not high profile but has done some really good work - John Blanchard, author of Does God Believe In Atheists?

pds said...

I'll second Peter Hitchens. I listened to him shoot down a couple of wet politicians on Radio Four in quite some style. He reminds me of his brother(of course!), and perhaps a little like the current Mayor of London.

I highly recommend getting an interview with Jerry L Walls. He has written a very Apologetic minded book on Heaven, which I believe contributes significantly to the overall case for Christianity. He has also co-authored a book called Good God, which explores the moral argument in detail. See here:


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