Thursday, March 01, 2012

Free Book Drawing: Mere Apologetics by Alister McGrath

Today Apologetics 315 will be giving away a copy of Alister McGrath's new book: Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers & Skeptics Find Faith. From the press release: "In the spirit of C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, Alister McGrath's Mere Apologetics seeks to equip readers to engage gracefully and intelligently with the challenges facing the faith today while drawing appropriately on the wisdom of the past. Rather than supplying the fine detail of every apologetic issue in order to win arguments, Mere Apologetics teaches a method that appeals not only to the mind but also to the heart and the imagination. This highly accessible, easy-to-read book is perfect for pastors, teachers, students, and lay people who want to speak clearly and lovingly to the issues that confront people of faith today."
This is a great book for those new to apologetics.

Congrats to Chad who won the drawing!


Glenn Hendrickson said...

Thanks for this drawing Brian! This book looks interesting!


M. Gibson said...

Is it better to be skilled & prepared or just lucky? Guess I'll find out!Thanks for the drawing!

Brian said...

I am reading the book now and it is quite good.

Unknown said...

When the winner is going to be announced?

Brian said...

Winner announced on Thursday next.

Brian said...

Chad won the drawing and has been contacted.

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