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Read Along: Christian Apologetics Ch26

Today we conclude with chapter twenty-six of Read Along with Apologetics315, a weekly chapter-by-chapter study through Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Christianity by Douglas Groothuis. This is the last week of the series! The series index is here. Below you will find final questions for the chapter, as well as the audio intro and conclusion audio to the series:

[Audio Intro] - Dr. Groothuis introduces this chapter.
[Final Conclusion] - Dr. Groothuis shares his final thoughts.
[Chapter 26 Study Questions] (with kindle locations) - PDF study guide.
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Chapter Twenty-Six: Conclusion—Taking It to the Streets
(pages 647-651)

Chapter twenty-six is just a short, three-page conclusion. Dr. Groothuis summarizes the approach of the book before offering a challenge to the reader. The challenge is to be courageous, prayerful, and winsome. The challenge is to take this material "to the streets" and put it into practice. This chapter is best summarized by the following quotes.

Notable quotes:
Apologetics needs to be applied to the whole of life under the lordship of Jesus Christ. We should hear apologetics ringing out from the pulpit and being discussed in every level of Christian education. Apologetics should be part of the core curriculum at Christian seminaries, colleges and high schools. Campus ministries should train their workers to defend Christianity and understand the weaknesses of other worldviews. Every level of publishing—Christian and secular—should feel the force of Christian persuasion, both at the academic and more popular levels. Christian academics, whether at Christian or secular institutions, should strive to develop a Christian perspective on their disciplines, being unashamed of the gospel, yet wise as serpents and innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16). (Christian Apologetics, p. 649)  
While I have not emphasized it in this book, the supernatural manifestations of God's kingdom—signs and wonders such as healings, prophecy, visions and other miracles—provide powerful apologetic evidence that God is alive and powerful today. Affirming these demonstrations of God's character is in no sense irrational, since they indicate God's actions in the world and have been exhibited in the Scripture and throughout history. (Christian Apologetics, p. 650)
So, in the end, what matters most? The triune God matters most: the One who has graciously revealed himself for our salvation and his greater glory through Jesus Christ, God incarnate. Therefore, it is only fitting that we embrace God's grace, seek first his kingdom, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus Christ into kingdom engagements. Part of that high calling is to take apologetics to the streets for the glory of God(Christian Apologetics, pp. 650-651)
  1. How can you put this material into practice?
  2. In what ways have you benefited personally from this study?
This marks the end of this Read Along series with Apologetics 315. Has it been helpful for you? Would you like to take part in another Read Along series? If so, what books or topics are appealing to you?

Thanks for taking part in this journey—now take it to the streets!


Unknown said...

I have been truly blessed by this read along and would love to do it again. Maybe something by Paul Copan or J. P. Morgan.

christian apologetics said...

Check out this great apologetic tool. Read Along is truly a blessing

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