Thursday, March 22, 2012

Internal Evidence for the Gospels by Timothy McGrew Audio and Video

In this lecture, entitled Internal Evidences for the Truth of the Gospels, Dr. Timothy McGrew presents internal evidence bearing on the authenticity of the Gospels, with a special emphasis on undesigned coincidences in the Gospel accounts. This is about 45 minutes of content followed by fifteen minutes of Q&A. PowerPoint file is here. Handout PDF here. Visit the Library of Historical Apologetics. This is the third of a series—part 1 here; part 2 here.

Full MP3 Audio here. (1hr 30min)
Video on YouTube here.


Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about this series of lectures by Dr. McGrew. Thank you! They should be required listening for anyone interested in apologetics.

Pass 'em along, fellow apologists!

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible to include updates to older parts of the series in each new post when applicable? For example, I noticed that there's no handout for Part 2. If and when it becomes available, it would be easier to notice a callout on a new post instead of periodically checking old ones.

Also, thanks for making these available. They're quite good.

Brian said...

Sure—I'll be getting handouts for the others soon and will make an index/update.

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