Monday, November 17, 2008

Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson Debate MP3 Audio: Is Christianity Good for the World?

Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson debate: Is Christianity Good for the World? Wilson takes a presuppositional approach. Hitchens takes his normal approach. Good interaction. A very interesting debate.

Introduction - MP3
Debate - MP3
Question & Answer - MP3

Full debate PDF transcript here.



Peter Grant said...

Thanks so much :) Been looking for this everywhere

dthomas said...

This was a great debate! I highly admire Pastor Wilson for his presuppositional form of apologetics; and I somewhat respect Hitchens as one of the more interesting anti-theists to arise from the atheist movement! The Collision dvd is great too! I'd recommend it for anyone!

Antoine Malette said...

Hi, I'd be really interested in listening to this debate, but it looks offline. Would it be possible to put it back online ?

Thanks a lot,

Brian said...

Audio links have been fixed now.

Antoine Malette said...

Awesome ! Thanks Brian !

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