Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gary Habermas on Infidel Guy Radio Show MP3 Audio

Gary Habermas speaks to Reginald Finley on his Infidel Guy radio show. The discussion covered topics such as the resurrection, miracles, and near death experiences (NDE's). It was an interesting listen, as Habermas reasons with the Infidel Guy and his apparent stance of global skepticism.

Full MP3 audio here.
Original audio at www.garyhabermas.com



Jon said...

Yeah, Reggie is not the best spokesman for atheism unfortunately. I listened to this a month ago or so. It was tough to listen to.

Brian said...

I was waiting for you to call in, Jon! : )

Jon said...

I was kicking myself. Had I known about it before hand I would have.

Brian said...

Haha. Dude, I thought you were the one Habermas was out fishing with in his stories! Either that or watching football. : )

As a fellow Michigan person I like it when Habermas gets out there and represents the state. Heh heh.

Jaki said...

I enjoyed this show a lot. I think Reggie did a good job of challenging claims by Gary Habermas that the resurrection occurred, or that it was a supernatural event. Reggie’s questions were basically common sense questions, and were easy to relate to. The thing is, there are MILLIONS of plausible natural explanations to account for the minimum ‘facts’ that Habermas presented. I liked how Reggie was even willing to grant Habermas those ‘facts’ just to see if the conclusion derived from them were warranted. Indeed, even by accepting those ‘facts’ I don’t think one can jump to the conclusion that a supernatural resurrection took place.

Also, I think that Habermas needs to move away from using NDEs as evidence because the consensus of neurologists is that consciousness is a product of the brain’s electro-chemical processes, and nothing else. Its funny how in the case of NDEs he seems rather uninterested in listening to what the ‘consensus’ of neurologists have to say. For him expert consensus only works as long as it supports his point of view, as in the case of New Testament scholars whose consensus on the minimum ‘facts’ he relies on to build his case for a supernatural resurrection. This shows he has double standards.

This was not a formal debate, but more of a friendly conversation. Reggie has never claimed himself to be a philosopher or anything like that. He's an ordinary guy asking questions, and to me Gary Habermas seemed happy to be given an opportunity to offer answers to those questions. However I do think that whole 'watching football' analogy got tedious after a while.

All in all I thought it was an enjoyable discussion.

Anonymous said...

Gary is one the coolest Apologist... Mr. Infidel good show :-)

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