Monday, June 01, 2009

Phil Fernandes vs. Eddie Tabash Debate: Does God Exist? MP3 Audio

Phil Fernandes debates Eddie Tabash on the topic: Does God Exist? at Western Washington University on April 25, 2009. DVD of the debate can be found here. Post-debate commentary by Phil Fernandes here. Thanks to Phil Fernandes for providing this resource.

Full MP3 Audio here.



Lee said...

Not heard Eddie for a while - should be fun

dvd said...

i enjoyed this debate, i missed some off q&a near the end, but i thought both scored some points, although if i remember correctly, in the cross-examination on fernandes last question, eddie didn't really answer it but danced all around it? gotta listen to it again, i was tired but it sure sounded like evasion. eddie's point about his opponent bringing up the bible earlier opened the door for eddie's familiar attack on the scriptures. eddie is great on rhetoric but lacks some of the substance that other debates possess.

Lee said...

Very good from Eddie but he must have a better reply to the point "Well, Eddie doesn't like God, so therefore God does not exist"

Eddie falls on this one in several debates and doesn't look good.


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