Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resources for Better Public Speaking

Apologist Greg Koukl recently mentioned "studying your craft" on his weekly podcast. He mentioned public speaking, in particular. This included reading books on the subject and learning in an environment such as Toastmasters (which is highly recommended by Apologetics 315). So here are some basic resources for improving communication and public speaking skills:

• 101 Secrets of Highly Successful Speakers book (iTunes) - (Amazon)
The Public Speaker Podcast: Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills - iTunes
• Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Articles - from College of Public Speaking
• What the Heck is Toastmasters? - MP3
• Ten Tips for Public Speaking - from Toastmasters
Find a Toastmasters near you.
Recommend your own resources in the comments...

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Check out:

Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity as well as Dr. Mike Licona of Risen Jesus Ministries have benefited from this training.


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