Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Apologetics for Your iPod

With Christmas approaching and fresh iPods flying off the shelves, it's time to stock them up with plenty of good apologetics content. (Apologetics 315 prefers the iPod Touch as it allows for faster playback of podcast feeds and has an external speaker) Here are 42 apologetics feeds that will keep your iTunes stocked for quite some time.


Advanced Worldview Analysis - Dr. Ronald Nash
Advanced Apologetics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Apologetics - Dr. Ronald Nash
Apologetics315 Audio Feed
Apologetics315 Audio Junkie Feed
Apologetics - Dan Olinger
Basic Christian Beliefs - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Cults - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Cults (Advances) - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Darwin or Design
Ethics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Ethics - Dr. Ronald Nash
European Leadership Forum
Hermeneutics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Historical Apologetics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
History of Christian Thought - Dr. Phil Fernandes
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought - Dr. Ronald Nash
How to Study Your Bible - Dr. Mark Strauss
Introduction to Apologetics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Buddhism by Dr. Timothy Tennent
Introduction to Islam
Introduction to Philosophy - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Learning Skills - Dr. Ken Samples
Logical Fallacies - 1
Logical Fallacies - 2
New Age & the Occult - Dr. Phil Fernandes
NT Survey of the Gospels - Dr. Robert Stein
New Testament Survey - Dr. Craig Blomberg
Philosophical Apologetics - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Philosophy of Religion - Dr. Paul Copan
Philosophy of Religion - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Refuting Religious Pluralism - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Roman Catholicism - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Saddleback Apologetics Audio 2009
Secular Religions - Dr. Phil Fernandes
Various Phil Fernandes Apologetics (over 100 audios)
Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology
William Lane Craig Debate Feed
William Lane Craig Q&A
WorldViews - Dr. Phil Fernandes
World Religions - Dr. Phil Fernandes

If you need more, see here.


Faithful Thinkers said...

Holy cow, Brian! Awesome library! Are any of these feeds being updated regularly?

Brian said...

Most are static now. But Ken Samples Learning Skills 101 class is still underway, as well as the Logical Fallacies 2 - (that one needs finishing up).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this list together! I found some things on it that I didn't know about.

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