Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Can A God of Love Send Anyone To Hell? MP3 Audio by Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler presents this apologetic sermon on the topic: How Can a God of Love Send Anyone to Hell? An important message on the relevance of hell. Mohler's blog is here. Also available are his 4 talks on atheism and be sure to check out his excellent podcast.

Full MP3 Audio here.
Original Video here.


What was last year's post? See here.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago we covered this subject on Theology Web Campus.

Lee said...

How Can a God of Love Send Anyone to Hell?

Easy – the kind of God that just loves to torture puppies.

Now, I personally would not call this a nice kind of love – but you know, not my problem.

Like the new dark look to the blog Brian, though I am having problems cutting and pasting.
Is that just me because I use Firefox?

Thomas said...


Did you actually listen to the audio or are you just responding to a caricature of God?

Peter Kruse said...

Pastor Mohler thinks children who haven't accepted Christ are going to hell. He probably wouldn't have gotten along well with Jesus, who said, "Let the children come to me, for such is the kingdom of heaven." But I guess Mohler disagrees with my interpretation of that verse. Does that mean, in his eyes, I'm going to hell also? Thank God I'm not a Southern Baptist!

Gerhard Stenkamp said...

God cannot send anyone to hell because hell does not exit and God does not exit, not yet.

We have got to contribute to realize God!

Ex N1hilo said...


You can't wish God away. I hope you will not realize this only when it is too late.

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