Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lewis Wolport vs. Russell Cowburn: What Can Science Tell Us About God: Debate MP3 Audio

Lewis Wolpert (Emeritus Professor of Biology, University College London) says there is no evidence for God whatsoever and religion finds its origin in tool-making. Russell Cowburn (professor of nano-technology, Imperial College London) is a scientist defending the Christian position.

Full MP3 Audio here. (90 min - Audio clears up after a few moments.)

Justin Brierley of Premier Radio hosted a follow-up to the debate as part of his Unbelievable? show on Sat 19th Dec. MP3 Audio here.

Also check out Lewis Wolpert's debate with William Lane Craig.


Kyle Essary said...

I just finished listening to this week's "Unbelievable" and I had hoped Peter Atkins would do better than Lewis Wolpert. I honestly thought the atheists would be embarrassed by Wolpert's episodes when his argument amounted to saying "nonsense" louder and louder.

I was hoping Atkins would do better against Meyer, than Atkins did against Dembski, but it amounted to the same equivocate order with information and then you just say "nonsense" over and over while the other side makes an argument and discusses data. Occasionally they ask, "What do you mean by specified complexity?" but when a definition is given, they don't respond but just say "nonsense" again. Oh yeah, and you suggest that challenging evolution is "intellectually lazy," and that teaching children to challenge evolution is child abuse.

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