Friday, January 01, 2010

Reasonable Faith Groups Forming - Get Involved

As you may know, William Lane Craig's ministry, Reasonable Faith, has launched a new initiative to form local apologetics groups. These are called Reasonable Faith chapters. You can locate these chapters using this directory. Right now chapters are still in the formation process, but if you are interested in forming one, go here to apply.

Chapters have begun in Dallas (TX), San Diego (CA), and Belfast (Northern Ireland). More are coming soon to Honolulu (HI), Memphis (TN), Stockholm (Sweden), Baltimore (MD), and Salem (OH). Keep an eye on the directory for more information on a group near you.

Please contact Brian at Apologetics315 if you are interested in joining up with the Belfast group.

In the meantime, check out WLC's podcast here, the Reasonable Faith book here, and more audio video resources here.


Anonymous said...

Good timing Brian! I was just working on Chapter 2 of the RF study guide this morning so that I can open a Chapter here in Bermuda!

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