Monday, February 01, 2010

Apologist Interview: Andy Bannister of RZIM Canada

Today's interview is with apologist Andy Bannister, the lead apologist for RZIM Canada. He speaks throughout the UK and Europe, as well as regularly in Canada. Andy is also a visiting lecturer for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, London School of Theology and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Some of the topics covered in this interview include: taking the academic route in apologetics, influential books and apologists, areas of specialization, the usefulness of philosophy training, the role of theology in apologetics, potential pitfalls for the apologist, dealing with the obstinate, and more.

Andy's resources include: Articles on, Audio on, Audio on, and articles responding to Islam.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (38 min)



Anonymous said...

I debated Bannister for Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable? a few years ago on the historical reliability of the New Testament and its moral teachings.

Among other things, we discuss the Roman census in Luke that contained the ridiculously onerous condition that the population had to return to the town of their ancestry, to which Bannister responded unequivocally that Richard Dawkins “has been machine-gunned to the wall by scholars of all stripes” since the inhabitants would not have to travel too far back to their town of origin and that we have records that such censuses took place.

I didn’t have the opportunity to reply during the date itself, but in my post-debate research, “serious New Testament scholars” such as Robin Lane Fox in The Unauthorised Version and A N Wilson in Jesus have made this objection and it is not something that the evolutionary biologist invented off the top of his head.

I have repeated requested that Bannister provide evidence that the Luke census, but have not received an answer, let alone a satisfactory one.


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