Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Gospel Message: MP3 Audio by John MacArthur

In this audio, John MacArthur presents the Gospel message in a sermon entitled "15 Words of Hope." For those who are looking for a clear, simple, and direct Gospel message, check this one out. After asking the staff of Grace to You which message they would recommend as a "definitive" Gospel presentation, this is the on they unanimously agreed upon. Highly recommended. Please listen and share.

Full MP3 Audio here. (52 min)


Check out the John MacArthur sermon archive here.


Anonymous said...

I heard the sermon. It is such a powerful sermon that opens the true meaning of the Gospel to us. It is also a very good philosophical message. Thanks for posting it. -Jerriton Brewin

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's a wonderful message. I posted it on my facebook wall:) God Bless You!

Nick Sykes said...

The Gospel section on this site is quite sparse. I have found it to be a valuable resource for many things, yet perhaps the most important thing has such a small representation. Key to being an effective ambassador for Christ is being able to present the Gospel with clarity, logic and comphrensibility.

I would greatly appreciate seeing the fruits of Brian's labours in compiling some of the best teachings that help us in this vital purpose.

Unknown said...

Heart touching.... How do I download this message?

Unknown said...

Heart touching.... How do I download this message?

Brian said...

right click, then "save as..."

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