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Apologetics Group Directory

Are you looking to find a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for defending the faith? Do you run an apologetics study group in your church, campus, or community? The Apologetics Group Directory is a central directory for finding apologetics study groups in your area.

To request that your group be added, email Apologetics315 with your contact information, description of your group, and your location.

This listing is first by U.S. state, then by country.

Huntsville: Reasons to Believe
Huntsville: Ratio Christi (student club)
Huntsville: Confident Christianity (area-wide club)

Phoenix: Reasons to Believe

Fayetteville: Reasonable Faith
Centerton: Know What You Believe - First Baptist Church

Central Valley: Reasonable Faith
Escondido: Emmanuel Faith Community Church Apologetics Class
Fresno: Reasons to Believe
Lancaster: Reasons to Believe
Longbeach: Noumenal Society of Apologetics
Los Angeles: Reasons to Believe
Los Angeles: Reasonable Faith
Norco/Corona (Riverside): Apologetics Foundations Study Group
Orange County: Reasons to Believe
Palm Springs: Desert Apologetics Network
Riverside: Come Let Us Reason
Sacramento: Reasons to Believe
San Jose: Reasons to Believe

Denver: Reasons to Believe
Denver: Reasonable Faith

Middletown: Reasonable Faith

District of Columbia
Washington, DC: Reasons to Believe

Brooksville: Reasons to Believe
Jacksonville: Reasons to Believe
Melbourne: Reasons to Believe

Atlanta: Reasons to Believe
Atlanta: The Areopagus
Atlanta: William Craig's Defenders Class

Honolulu: Reasonable Faith

Chicago: Reasonable Faith
Chicago: Reasons to Believe
Joliet: Study group (alternate contact)

Fort Wayne: Reasonable Faith

Des Moines: Reasons to Believe

Kansas City: Reasons to Believe

Shreveport: Reasons to Believe

Westminster: Reasonable Faith

Boston: Reasons to Believe

Grand Rapids: Reasons to Believe
Grand Rapids: One Dollar Apologists

St. Paul: Reasonable Faith

New York
Albany: Reasons to Believe
New York City: Reasonable Faith
Rochester: Reasons to Believe

Las Vegas: Reasonable Faith

New Jersey
Metro NY/NJ: Reasons to Believe

North Carolina
Charlotte: Reasonable Faith

Albany: Christian Forum
Salem: Reasonable Faith
Cincinnati: Reasons to Believe
Cincinnati: Reasonable Faith
Columbus: Reasons to Believe
Columbus: Reasonable Faith

Tulsa: Reasonable Faith

Memphis: Reasonable Faith
Chattanooga: Reasonable Faith
Knoxville: Reasonable Faith, Ratio Christi, Reasons to Believe
Nashville: TableTalks

South Carolina
Greenville: Reasonable Faith

Austin: Reasons to Believe
College Station, Texas; Texas A&M: Ratio Christi
Dallas: Reasonable Faith
Dallas: Reasons to Believe
Dallas/Fort Worth: The Christian Apologetics Connection
University of Texas/Dallas: Reasonable Faith
Houston: Reasonable Faith
Houston: Reasons to Believe
Houston (The Woodlands): Reasonable Faith
Houston (Sugarland): Reasonable Faith
Plano: Probe Ministries

Seattle: Reasons to Believe
Spokane: Reasons to Believe

Snohomish County: Apologetics Forum

South Madison: Reasonable Faith
Pewaukee: Spring Creek Church

Filial Argentina: Reasons to Believe

Adelaide: Reasonable Faith
Perth: Reasons to Believe
Goulburn, NSW: Study group
Melboure: Reasonable Faith

Recife: Study Group

Canada Association: Reasons to Believe
Vancouver, B.C.: Reasons to Believe
Calgary: Network of Christian Apologists in Calgary

Essex: Reasonable Faith


Japan: Reasons to Believe

Puerto Rico, Vega Baja: Fundamento Firme

South AfricaAntWoord Apologetics Ministry

United Kingdom
North East Lincolnshire: Reasonable Faith
Belfast, Northern Ireland: Reasonable Faith


Krupanand said...

Please help us with the materials and methodology to start Apologetic groups in Indian Churches this will be incredible

Anonymous said...

Krupanand, you can start using their magazine 'Engage' which was formerly 'Apologetics'. I had started my Life Groups at my residence from March 31, this year for every alternate Saturday and now we cannot house comfortably all those who walk in. But I am also an ardent student of Apologetics since 2008. God bless.

Anonymous said...

The link for our group, Antelope Valley CA, does not open. This may be because we are called Lancaster, CA, not Antelope Valley. Can you rectify this? Thank you.

Gary Kurtz
Promotions Officer
RTB Lancaster CA Chapter

Anonymous said...

Whose magazine - Engage? I am not familiar with this. I hope this list grows and also encourages others to start groups.

After coming back from visiting my nephews, I have realized how the Internet is moving youth to think about issues that some years ago they would not have so readily. One need only step into a news site like and find all sorts of debates raging. Or if you just are into manga, then a google search gets you all sorts of good stuff but unfortunately also some pretty bad stuff.

My point is that youth today are being pushed to ask some difficult questions on account of the internet bringing these questions right into their faces and we Christians cannot cop out or provide mediocre answers.

~ Raj

Anonymous said...

Listening to a sermon and caught this...

I want to come back and add one more thought... while Christian youth are leaving churches, Mormon youth are staying. They face the same challenges yet they stick it out and remain Mormons well beyond college. You have to ask why. If we have the truth and they do not, then why are they so successful ... not to mention confident. I think it comes back to Apologetics. Mormons are challenged to think. They realize that one day they have to go to the streets with their teachings so they have to do some hard thinking.

~ Raj

MaryLou said...

I think fear keeps Mormons in the church. If they leave it, they will be ostracized from family and friends. It's a legalistic church. They are indoctrinated into believing that they have to be a member of that church and fulfill all its mandates to reach the highest tier in their three-part "heaven".

And, of course, the males are hopeful of attaining godhood and ruling their own planets. Women have to pick the right man to marry and ride his coattails to glory.

But yes, they do a bang-up job of teaching their members what to believe and how to articulate it -- as do the Jehovah Witnesses. But again, JWs fear being ostracized if they leave.

Anonymous said...

I see Virginia not on the list. Could you add Rob Lundberg, Thanks for considering

MarianJ said...

It's also hard to admit you've been wrong for nearly half your Life so the Mormons stay put. Sometimes it's easier to stay and hope to find some truth in it. Mormons are not bad people they're just raised believing in a false phophet. Pray for them.🙏

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