Wednesday, October 20, 2010

C.S. Lewis Institute: Free Audio Resources

The C.S. Lewis Institute has a number of great FREE resources available in their resource center. You may be interested in the following seminar audio:
Answering Tough Questions : Michael Ramsden
How Accurate is the Bible : Kenneth Boa
The Future of Atheism : Alister McGrath
Apologetic Evangelism with Postmoderns : Jerram Barrs
A Message of Hope in a Cynical Age : Stuart McAllister
• There are more...
Each of the seminars listed above has around four MP3s for download. In addition, check out this large page of "legacy" audio here, which includes audio by Os Guinness, Charles Malik, Clark Pinnock, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Paul Vitz, J.I. Packer, and more. You can also listen to audio on C.S. Lewis. There are plenty of great lectures at the C.S. Lewis Institute website. Check it out.

A real treasure of resources!



Matt Stemp said...

What a great resource - thanks!

Kyle Essary said...

Whoa! From Packer to Guinness to tons of great stuff from James Houston. Not to mention Malik, Ramsden, Barrs and others. I had no idea this was out there, but just found a new 50 hours or so of listening.

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