Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Quote: Darrell Bock on the Bible

"The Bible is not a book like any other. It makes a claim that God spoke and speaks through its message. It argues that as his creatures, we are accountable to him for what he has revealed. The trustworthiness of Scripture points to its authority as well. Scripture is far more than a history book, as good and trustworthy as that history is. It is a book that calls us to examine our lives and relationship to God. Beyond the fascinating history, it contains vital and life-transforming truths about God and us."

- Darrell Bock
[HT: JM]

Darrell L. Bock, Can I Trust the Bible: Defending the Bible's Reliability (Norcross, GA: RZIM, 2001), 52.


Nick Potts said...

sick quote, what is the reference for this quote? just curious because i may want to reference it in a writing project that i'm doing....

Brian said...

Darrell L. Bock, Can I Trust the Bible: Defending the Bible's Reliability (Norcross, GA: RZIM, 2001), 52.

Jeffrey A. Myers said...

The Bible is a book like EVERY other sacred text. All sacred texts claim that God spoke and that he spoke through the author. That is what makes them sacred texts - the claim to divine authorship. All sacred texts claim that God created us and that we are accountable to whatever divinity they posit. There is nothing unique about the Bible - is is merely another quasi-historical epic filled with tales of divine intervention supported by a smattering of people and places that actually existed.

Russell said...

Hi Jeffrey,

Which other holy books do you know of that are so well attested in the areas of geography, archeology, cosmology, etc.?

Also, I think if you were to look into the history of Christianity, you will find that it has been supported by much more than "a smattering of people".

Davitor said...

Who wrote the Bible? man. That is the simple truth that does not to be defended.

Nick Potts said...

1) if one could prove there were a God and that He were sovereign, one could easily attest that He were sovereign in the writing of the Bible.
2) yes, man does err but man does not always err, so it would be a fallacy to assume that just because man CAN err, that they ALWAYS err....especially in something as well attested for as the Christian Bible.

Unknown said...

Just as you don't need to defend the earth's gravitational pull you don't have to defend God's sovereignty.

Davitor said...

1. Just as the earth gravity does not need to be defended, so should be the sovereignty of God.
If you find yourself in constant need to defend it then its a man made sovereignty that need your constant attesting.
2. If the bible were so attested then you would not need apologist.

Russell said...

Hi Davitor,
You still need to explain why gravity is there. Similarly, you need to be able to explain why there is a book that corresponds so well with reality.
Also, I am curious how your worldview provides you with so much certainty. From what I understand, you rely mostly on your experiences.

Davitor said...

Russell does the truth need your approval?

Russell said...


What exactly do you mean by the truth?

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